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Baking soda is an odorless, white and transparent crystalline solid, non-volatile and highly corrosive, which easily absorbs air.

Sodium Sulfur

Sodium sulfur is produced in the form of liquid, flakes and lumps.

Melamine crystal

Melamine crystal is a white and solid powder that is widely used in various industries.

Urea fertilizer

Urea fertilizer is a white, colorless substance that dissolves well in water and alcohol.

ethylene glycol

It is used as a raw material in the production of polyester fibers and is also used for the formulation of antifreeze products.

Sodium carbonate

Sodium carbonate is in the form of white or colorless crystals or powder.

Ethylene oxide

Ethylene oxide is one of the most widely used gas compounds and is widely used in various industries, especially petrochemical industries.


ABS plastics have balanced mechanical, thermal and chemical properties.